Teacher Education is a curricular input for improving school education. This department aims at integrating training and research programmes to a larger extent with greater thrust on quality and bringing about effective changes in the training programmes

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Undertakes teacher education in pre-service and in-service at the State level.
  • SCERT organises teacher development programmes for teachers at all levels – from pre-primary to higher secondary.
  • Conducts in-service training for teachers from the pre-primary to the higher secondary including the vocational higher secondary sector.
  • Revised the elementary teacher education curriculum in tune with the NCTE norms and directives.
  • Massive orientation programmes were launched covering all teacher educators of the state.

Latest Development

  • Revision of PPTTC Curriculum.
  • Development of Pre-primary Teacher Education Materials – Pre primary policy document.
  • Teacher Empowerment Programmes – Pre school Teacher Educator and Pre School Teachers.
  • On-site support to preschool teachers with the help of mentors.
  • Transformation programmes for Teacher Educators.
  • Development of Pre-service curriculum related materials and their translation into Tamil, Kannada and English medium.
  • Revision of Diploma in Language Education (D.L.Ed) Hindi, Arabic, Urdu Curriculum.
  • Internship programme for M.Ed. and Ph.D. degree holders (Innovative programme).
  • In-service Education Transformation programme for teachers.
  • Development of a Resource Pool of teachers for the effective implementation of various academic programmes (Teacher Transformation programme online).
  • Induction training programme for the newly recruited teachers of Kerala.
  • Conduct of online courses for the professional development of teachers.
  • Institution based empowerment programme for teachers.