“Curriculum Framework reflects the vision, mission and goals of education in the state without which education will be an aimless, direction-less activity. The department stands as quintessential factor for the development of educational activities in the state ”

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Development of curriculum and syllabi keeping in view the national and state perspectives and policies on education.
  • Preparation, revision and updating of textbooks on the basis of the revised curriculum and syllabi.
  • Development of evaluation strategies.
  • Preparation of teacher texts for all classes in all subjects and language including languages of the linguistic minority.
  • Preparation of other teaching learning materials.
  • Development of workbooks.
  • Preparation of additional learning materials for content enrichment.
  • Identification of hard spots faced during teaching learning process and preparation of supplementary materials to overcome them.
  • Conducting quality improvement programmes.

Latest Development

  • Development of curriculum document & materials.

    1. Translation of Textbooks at the higher secondary level..

    2. Development of Technical Dictionary.

    3. Introduction of IT Maths Lab at Higher secondary level.

    4. Curriculum approach paper.

    5. Additional reading material (English, Arabic, Sanskrit, Urdu).

  • Nurturing Mathematical Talents in Schools (NuMATS).
  • Development of assessment tools and techniques.
  • Student Talent Enrichment Programme in Social Science (STEPS).
  • Enhancement programme for boosting the talents of LSS & USS achievers.
  • Programmes relating to continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (Mentoring).