Library Profile

The available records show that the State Educational Library had had so many avatars before, all thanks to the changes the parent organization itself underwent. The library’s oldest book dates back to 1890s and one has to presume that the collection had been built up over a period of 70-80 years.
The Library has a collection of more than 45,000 books including nearly 2500 reference books. Mainly intended as a support system for the academics engaged in textbook preparation and educational research the library has books on all subjects with special thrust on education and its allied subjects. It has a full-time Librarian Grade I, 2 professional assistants and 2 non-professionals to look after the library and other services, including photocopying.

The library was shifted from the Ground Floor to the Science Museum Hall on the III Floor in 2000. It was further extended in 2003/4 and now occupies one wing of the floor. The fully carpeted library has a circulation counter, a spacious reading-cum-lecture hall, two separate halls for English and Malayalam sections and a stack room. At any given time, 60 users can sit and use the library and adequate lighting and ventilation is also provided. It provides a quiet and dignified ambience for those who are in search of a calm place to sit and browse.

Computerisation / Networked Environment
The library’s efforts at modernization started in 2000 and it is fully automated now.  The library uses Liberty, a fully web-based and completely integrated solution and provides 24 x 7”access anywhere” facility for library users.